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16-17 September 2024


Master the skill of data storytelling at the upcoming Richmond CDO Forum

The Richmond CDO Forum Blog - 18th June 2024
Chief Data Officers (CDOs) constantly grapple with the challenge of transforming complex data into actionable insights that drive strategic decision-making. In today's data-driven landscape, the ability to craft compelling narratives from data is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Fortunately, the upcoming Richmond CDO Forum is offering a unique opportunity to master this crucial skill with the “The Art of Data Storytelling” workshop led by Matt Stockbridge, a renowned Data Storyteller and Head of Insight & Analytics at MPM Products Ltd.

Attending this industry workshop can be a game-changer for CDOs, equipping you with the tools to effectively communicate data-driven insights and elevate the role of data within your organisations. Below are three compelling reasons why you should mark your calendar for this invaluable session.

Understand your audience's needs

Effective data storytelling begins with a deep understanding of your stakeholders' needs and the specific narratives they require. Matt Stockbridge's workshop will provide you with invaluable insights on how to identify the stories your teams and stakeholders need to hear and why. By aligning your narratives with their goals and pain points, you can ensure that your insights resonate and drive meaningful action.

Master the art of narrative structure

Crafting a compelling data-driven narrative is an art form in itself. During the workshop, you'll learn how to plan and structure your narratives with the end goal in mind, ensuring that your insights flow seamlessly and lead to actionable recommendations. Matt Stockbridge's expertise will guide you through the intricacies of storytelling, enabling you to captivate your audience and drive home your message with clarity and impact.

Transform data into powerful insights

At the heart of data storytelling lies the ability to extract actionable recommendations backed by powerful insights from your data. This workshop will equip you with the skills to achieve this crucial feat, empowering you to present your data in a way that resonates with your stakeholders and inspires them to take action.
With over 17 years of experience in Insights and Analytics, including key industry positions such as the chairman of ISBA's Insights & Effectiveness Group and a member of the IPA Effectiveness Advisory Board, Matt Stockbridge brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

He has spent his entire career working in Insights and Analytics, with 17 years of agency experience in client servicing roles at Kantar, and then he spent 10 years client-side at Cadbury initially and then Mondelez. His track record of publishing numerous articles on media effectiveness and achieving three IPA awards further solidifies his credibility as a thought leader in this field.

In today's fast-paced business environment, the ability to tell compelling data-driven stories is a critical differentiator for CDOs. By attending the “The Art of Data Storytelling” workshop at the CDO Forum, you'll gain invaluable insights and practical techniques that will elevate your ability to communicate complex data insights effectively, driving strategic decision-making and accelerating business strategy execution.

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the power of data storytelling and boost your data storytelling skills. Register for the Richmond CDO Forum today and secure your spot at Matt's much-anticipated workshop.
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