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Upholding data privacy standards in the cloud computing era: an imperative for chief data officers

The Richmond CDO Forum Blog - 21st May 2024
In the current digital landscape, where data is the key that unlocks the door to success, Chief Data Officers (CDOs) are responsible for striking a balance between leveraging the power of data and upholding rigorous data privacy standards. As cloud computing continues its relentless rise and proliferation, CDOs now find themselves navigating uncharted waters, grappling with the unique challenges and complexities that the post-cloud world brings.

The Richmond CDO Forum recognises this pivotal juncture and has scheduled an essential workshop for CDOs, “Managing Data Privacy in a Post-Cloud World.” This interactive experience is designed to equip CDOs with the insights and strategies they need to confront data privacy challenges head-on, ensuring their organisations remain compliant, secure and trusted custodians of sensitive information.

The shifting paradigm of data privacy

The advent of cloud computing has ushered in a new era of scalability, agility and cost-effectiveness. However, this technological marvel concurrently introduces intricate layers of data privacy considerations that demand constant vigilance. As data crosses the boundaries of on-premises infrastructure and cloud environments, CDOs must remain steadfast in their commitment to safeguarding sensitive information from prying eyes and malicious threats.

Vicky Owens, the Head of Privacy, Data Risk and Technology at Ashurst, a global corporate law firm, will host this informative workshop. Her extensive expertise, honed through years of navigating complex data privacy landscapes for multinational corporations such as IBM and EasyJet, positions her as the ideal guide to provide clarity and direction on managing data privacy challenges.

The post-cloud data privacy roadmap

Through stimulating discussions and hands-on exercises, attendees will set off on a journey to unravel the intricacies of data privacy in the post-cloud era. Key themes will be explored in-depth, providing a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and strategies required to maintain a robust approach to data privacy:
  • Key privacy and security controls - discover the essential controls that must be implemented before migrating to the cloud, safeguarding your organisation's data from the outset.
  • The evolving regulatory landscape - stay ahead of the curve by anticipating and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of data privacy regulations, ensuring your organisation remains compliant and avoids costly penalties.
  • The digital transformation's impact on privacy - as your organisation undergoes digital transformation, learn how to seamlessly integrate data privacy considerations, ensuring a smooth and secure transition.
  • Data and security by design - embrace a proactive approach by weaving data privacy and security into the fabric of your technological journey from the outset, creating a resilient foundation for the future.
  • AI and data privacy - explore the unique challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and gain insights into addressing privacy concerns within the realm of AI-driven decision-making.

The Richmond CDO Forum: a reliable partner in championing data privacy practices

The Richmond CDO Forum has been set up to impart knowledge and support data leaders, empowering them to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape with confidence. By attending this workshop, you will not only gain invaluable insights but also become part of a community that champions data privacy as a cornerstone of responsible data management.

Through collaborative discussions, networking opportunities and shared experiences, you will forge connections with like-minded professionals, fostering a supportive ecosystem that transcends the boundaries of individual organisations.

Securing the future of data privacy

In the post-cloud era, data privacy is no longer a mere consideration – it’s imperative. Failure to prioritise data privacy can erode consumer trust, tarnish brand reputation and expose organisations to substantial legal and financial risks.

By attending the Richmond CDO Forum's "Managing Data Privacy in a Post-Cloud World" workshop, you will be taking a crucial step towards fortifying your organisation's data privacy defences. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an industry titan, Vicky Owens, and equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies required to navigate the complexities of data privacy in the cloud era.

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Join the ranks of CDOs who are shaping the future of data privacy, safeguarding their organisations' most valuable asset – data – and fostering a culture of trust and accountability.

Unlock the secrets of managing data privacy in the post-cloud world and cement your position as a data privacy champion. The inaugural Richmond CDO Forum awaits you, offering an unparalleled opportunity to elevate your data privacy know-how and contribute to a safer, more secure digital future for your organisation.

By attending our very first Richmond CDO Forum from 16-17 September, you will gain access to a wealth of resources and opportunities, including:

Exclusive workshops and seminars
In addition to the "Managing Data Privacy in a Post-Cloud World" workshop, the Richmond CDO Forum will be hosting other engaging events and seminars tackling various aspects of data management, governance and strategy. These events will provide unparalleled opportunities to learn from industry leaders, exchange ideas with peers and keep abreast of the latest developments in the field.

Networking opportunities
The Richmond CDO Forum will host a vibrant community of data professionals, enabling you to make connections with like-minded individuals and tap into a wealth of collective knowledge and experience. Additionally, the Forum's programme allows you to benefit from the guidance and expertise of seasoned data leaders, accelerating your professional growth.

Research and thought leadership
The Richmond CDO Forum is dedicated to broadening the horizons of Chief Data Officers by arranging a line-up of respected guest speakers who are at the cutting edge of their respective data specialities. These industry pioneers will share the latest insights, stimulate thought-provoking discussions and offer invaluable perspectives that empower CDOs to stay ahead of the curve.

Professional development
Aware of the ever-evolving nature of the data landscape, the Richmond CDO Forum places a strong emphasis on continuous learning and professional development. Join the ranks of respected data leaders who have chosen to invest in their professional development and contribute to the collective efforts of upholding data privacy standards in the cloud computing era.