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Building your data dream team

The Richmond CDO Forum Blog - 22nd April 2024
The unrelenting pace of technological advancement has propelled data to the forefront of business strategy.   CDOs, tasked with harnessing the power of data to drive innovation and growth, face a critical challenge:
building and nurturing high-performing data teams.   These teams are often the unsung heroes, the alchemists transforming raw data into actionable insights that fuel success.

The Richmond CDO Forum recognises this challenge and remains dedicated to empowering data leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to excel. Our upcoming industry workshop, “How to Build a Data Dream Team”, led by data teams expert Robin Huggins, Director of Client Services at MBN Solutions, tackles this crucial aspect of data leadership head-on.

Why attend this workshop?

The data talent landscape is a fiercely competitive battleground. Top talent with the skills and expertise to propel your data initiatives forward is in high demand.   Traditional recruitment methods simply won't do any more. This workshop will equip you with a comprehensive toolkit for navigating the complexities of data talent acquisition, allowing you to build a dream team that exceeds your expectations.

Here's what elevates this workshop from informative to transformative:

A holistic approach to data talent acquisition: move beyond a reactive, job-posting mentality. This workshop offers a strategic framework for the entire recruitment process.  Learn how to craft a compelling employer brand that resonates with top data professionals. Discover how to design an employee value proposition that not only attracts talent but fosters loyalty and retention. During our workshop, you'll gain valuable insights into building a robust talent pool by actively engaging with the data community and making fruitful connections.

Practical strategies for optimal results: this workshop doesn't just present theoretical concepts. Robin Huggins, a seasoned data recruitment expert, delves into the practical application of these strategies. He’ll show you how to tailor your recruitment efforts to attract the specific skillsets and experience your data team needs. You will also gain insights into developing effective delivery models that optimise team performance and maximise return on investment.

Insights from a data industry leader: Robin Huggins brings not just theoretical knowledge but over two decades of real-world experience in data talent acquisition to the table. He has partnered with some of the UK's most prominent data-driven businesses, intimately understanding the unique challenges and opportunities faced by CDOs. His experience translates into actionable advice specifically tailored to the British data landscape.

Meet Robin Huggins: a renowned authority in data recruitment

Robin Huggins is more than just a Director of Client Services at MBN Solutions – he's a recognised authority within the data recruitment sphere.  His track record speaks for itself: delivering best-in-class talent solutions to leading data-driven businesses across the UK. His expertise extends far beyond the recruitment process. Robin actively contributes to the data industry through initiatives like designing and implementing The Data Lab's Industrial Placement Programme.  He participates in key industry forums, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. Additionally, Robin hosts a data leadership podcast, Boss'n'Data, demonstrating his commitment to ongoing learning and development within the data community. His recognition by Data IQ as one of the 100 most influential Data and Analytics practitioners for two consecutive years is a testament to his exceptional contributions.

Investing in your future: building your data dream team

This workshop presents a unique opportunity to learn from a data recruitment expert and gain the knowledge and practical strategies needed to build a high-performing data team. Don't settle for an average team – secure your spot at the “How to Build a Data Dream Team” workshop today! This workshop will empower you to transform your data team from a good team to a great team, ultimately propelling your organisation towards a data-driven future.

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