The Richmond CDO Forum

Fairmont Windsor Park, Windsor, United Kingdom

16-17 September 2024


The Richmond CDO Forum Newsletter - August 2023

August 23 Newsletter

Industry update

We’re thrilled to say that the events industry is back in full swing and we’re back to offering unrivalled face-to-face events for businesspeople to connect delegates and suppliers in a range of stunning high-end venues in the UK, Italy, Switzerland and the USA.

What's new at Richmond Events

Richmond events is delighted to announce that its inaugural Richmond CDO Forum will take place on 16-17 September 2024 at an outstanding and prestigious venue with easy links to Heathrow and central London.

CDO Forum latest news

We’re delighted to announce that two high-profile speakers confirmed their attendance this month and we’ve launched our brand new Richmond CDO Forum podcast to give a taste of what to expect next September. You can listen to the first episode featuring Liz Henderson by clicking here.

Here’s an overview of the industry sessions confirmed so far.

Crafting a data strategy aligned to the business: smart steps for success
Delivered by Liz Henderson, AKA the Data Queen

In this interactive session, Liz Henderson, an esteemed data expert with extensive and varied experience, will help data leaders explore challenges in creating and aligning organisational-centric data strategies. The focus is on becoming fully data-driven while driving better decision-making in a holistic approach.
Liz Henderson will share her expertise and provide tools for data leaders to:
  • Effectively leverage and use data
  • Align business objectives with data capability
  • Take a ‘people, process, technology’ approach
  • Achieve buy-in and senior advocacy
Liz Henderson, the Data Queen, empowers individuals and organisations to unlock data's full potential, fostering capability, confidence and curiosity for improved decision-making and competitiveness.
Liz Henderson's experience includes advising organisations on data initiatives and supporting teams to develop valuable data strategies for business goals. She has an extensive background in senior data roles across various sectors, such as telecommunications and insurance. Additionally, she is highly regarded as a speaker, podcaster, and blogger, with significant experience as a Non-Executive Director (NED). Currently, she serves as an Executive Advisor at Capgemini, offering expert advisory services to clients in industries like luxury retail, public sector, energy and consumer products.

Managing data privacy in a post-cloud world
Delivered by Vicky Owens, Head of Privacy, Data Risk, and Technology, Ashurst

In this interactive session, Vicky Owens, Head of Privacy, Data Risk, and Technology at Ashurst, a global corporate law firm, will discuss current and future challenges impacting data privacy and what data leaders can do to prepare effectively.
The key themes of the discussion will revolve around:
  • Key privacy and security controls to consider before moving to the cloud
  • New regulations
  • The impact of digital transformation on privacy
  • Data and security by design
An experienced Privacy SME/Thought Leader, Vicky Owens has extensive knowledge of data privacy and security strategy development and implementation. With a background working at senior level in leading multinational companies, including IBM and EasyJet, Vicky has amassed a wealth of C-suite level industry experience.

8 Key topics of interest at our forums

As part of our ongoing commitment to fostering insightful discussions and providing valuable insights for our delegates and suppliers, we're excited to present some compelling statistics from a selection of our recent forums. These statistics reveal the most pressing topics that have captured the attention and curiosity of our esteemed audience.
The Richmond Digital Marketing Forum
Analytics: a compelling priority
In the digital marketing world, analytics emerged as a resounding area of intrigue, with an impressive 38% of attendees expressing a keen interest in discussing this crucial aspect. The significance of data-driven insights cannot be understated, and this forum reflected the industry's recognition of its pivotal role.
The Richmond Retail & eCommerce Directors' Forum
Unveiling Business Intelligence Dashboards
Within the vibrant landscape of retail and eCommerce, the 11th most significant theme was Business Intelligence Dashboards, resonating with a quarter of the participants (25%). This demonstrates the evolving nature of data visualisation tools in shaping strategic decisions.
The Richmond Logistics & Supply Chain Forum
Journey into Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence made its mark as the 16th most important focus in the logistics and supply chain domain, capturing the attention of 21% of the attendees. This indicates a growing interest in harnessing AI's potential to revolutionise operations.
The Richmond Cyber Security Forum
AI/Machine Learning: a defining priority
In the world of cyber security, AI and Machine Learning took centre stage as the main concern, with an overwhelming 53% of participants acknowledging its paramount importance. This underscores the integral role these technologies play in safeguarding digital landscapes.
The Richmond Market Insight Forum
Empowering strategies through customer segmentation
Customer segmentation emerged as the second most vital theme in the Market Insight Forum, resonating with 29% of the audience. This showcases the value of tailored approaches in driving market success.
The Richmond Finance Directors' Forum
Exploring Data Analytics
Within the domain of finance, data analytics secured its place as the 19th most significant area, with 24% of participants recognising its relevance. The growing reliance on data-driven financial decisions is evident in this trend.
The Richmond IT Directors' Forum
Seamless Data Integration
Data integration ranked as the 11th most important focus for IT Directors, garnering the interest of 29% of attendees. In the world of IT, cohesive data ecosystems continue to be a sought-after goal.
The Richmond Human Resources Forum
Insights Through Workforce Analytics
Workforce analytics secured its place as the fourth most important theme for the Human Resources Forum, resonating with a substantial 51% of participants. This reflects the recognition of data-driven HR strategies as being transformative in this critical domain.
We're delighted to share the diverse interests and priorities that these statistics reveal, and we look forward to tailoring our forums to meet demand and facilitate insightful conversations that will continue to take place in our upcoming forums.

Attending the Forum

The invitation process has started for delegates. Attendance is by invitation only. Please contact Liam ( if you would like more information on attending the inaugural Richmond CDO Forum in September 2024 and to find out if you qualify.