A Richmond delegate is a senior decision maker or influencer usually in charge of buying decision who is normally invited to our forums free of charge. 

In the fast-paced business world in which we live it has become increasingly difficult, but no less important, to meet people face-to-face.

The Richmond format offers the most time-efficient and cost-effective way to:

  • Meet suppliers who can help drive business forward through innovative solutions
  • Learn from experts and peers in your field
  • Establish new connections with industry peers
  • Acquire valuable take-aways to help you and your office keep current and move forward
  • Gain CPD accreditation
Attendance is free of charge and by invitation only. Delegates create a personalised itinerary tailor-made to suit their goals. 

Each bespoke itinerary is made up of: 
Business meetings 
Delegates meet the suppliers of their choice in pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings, each lasting 30 minutes. Many have specific projects for which finding the right supplier is vital, others have a more general interest in benchmarking their existing partners. Whatever the reason, delegates have the final say in who they do or don't want to meet. 
Mealtime meetings 
Delegates are hosted by suppliers at each mealtime and will also have the opportunity to talk to other delegates.
Conference sessions
The Richmond Events' conference experience is unique. Every delegate chooses their own combination of conference sessions from a selection of workshops, seminars, personal development sessions and discussion groups. They will also be able to attend our keynotes which take place outside of business hours. 
Free time
There will generally be some free time available during the business day where the delegates can network with each other or take time out to relax and think about what they've learned. 
Delegates attending our overnight forums will be able to round off a busy day with some after dinner entertainment. 

Our unique appointment system allows delegates to make the very best use of their time by preselecting who they would like to meet and structuring a bespoke conference programme. 
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